Prosperity Coaching
with Hugo Hanson

"I Earn with my attitude not with my actions"

Prosperity Coaching
with Hugo Hanson

One Step Ahead

Welcome to Prosperity Coaching! Nine weeks of Discovery, And Manifestation.

I’ll be giving you the tools, techniques and practical tips to put to immediate use! With practice and commitment you will open the door to more prosperity and abundance and transform your life. It’s simple and it works!

What you believe about money is the #1 factor affecting your finances. The amount of money in your bank is based on the money story you tell all day every day

prosperity coaching with hugo

About Hugo

As a CPA for 40-plus years, I worked with thousands of clients. Those with lots of money who felt poor and those with very little who felt abundant. I have watched my client’s prosperity grow as they shifted their perspective, their attitude, and the story they tell during and after my courses.

I bring the UNIQUE perspective of my accounting career and a 50-year practice of meditation to Prosperity Coaching.

My core understandings:

three steps to

Prosperity Coaching

What is Prosperity?

Prosperity is money, yes, and so much more!

Success, health, quality relationships and happiness are also measures of prosperity.

Prosperity is a state of being. It’s a mindset, an attitude or an energy level that we project and carry with us.  People who are happy are generally prosperous. Good things come to them, situations work out, life and money easily flows. Why?

Your prosperity is directly connected to the ‘story’ you tell. Every day, all day, you are projecting the story of your life while moving around thinking, talking, and texting etc. 

The physical world you experience precisely matches that story.

With Prosperity Coaching you will start telling a new and improved financial story based on new beliefs that will yield the results you are looking for.

If it feels like work, it's Isn't working


Prosperity Coaching Courses

Prosperity Coaching is a simple, practical 9 week program that guides and teaches you step by step how to attract and receive the prosperity you desire.

The key to prosperity is feeling it first before it arrives. How? By replacing old worn-out negative thoughts and beliefs about money with new, good feeling prosperous beliefs that match your desire.

Prosperity Coaching teaches you how to create new financial beliefs and coaches you to practice them every day. Once you understand the value and application of the principles, you will see your prosperity and abundance grow.

Live Your Prosperity (Monthly subscription)

Your connection to the growing prosperity community. After completing the Discover your prosperity online course, Live Your Prosperity is the ongoing support system for you to continue creating your life on purpose
and having tons of FUN along the way!
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Make the decision to take a positive attitude with you wherever you go today. "I earn with my attitude not my action." - Hugo.