• This course is your ticket to bringing into your life the wealth you desire! Hugo introduces you to the laws of the universe and how they work. He helps you discover that you are creating your current reality every day through the story you tell. He then teaches you how to tell a new story, create new positive beliefs and how to practice them every day. Here’s how it works:
  • First, Hugo will show you the fundamentals of prosperity and our energy based universe which is governed by universal laws.
  • Next, you will learn that you are the creator of your life experience and that you can manifest whatever you desire.
  • Next, using your imagination, you’ll decide which aspects of prosperity, (money, health or relationships), you would like to manifest during and after the course.
  • Then and over the 9 weeks Hugo will coach you to manifest your dream through:
    • Daily affirmations created by you every day for 9 weeks
    • Interactive weekly worksheets specifically designed to bring you along step by step towards your prosperity
    • Weekly evening Zoom meetings with Hugo and a group of like minded explorers.
  • Optional Private coaching calls with Hugo (additional cost) will help you integrate these principles and techniques into your mind and body. These calls will help you receive what you are asking for over a shortened amount of time!

Prosperity is money, yes, and so much more!

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