Earn with your attitude, not your actions

Prosperity Coaching For Business

After working in the business world as a CPA for over 40 years, Hugo began coaching his clients on the principles of prosperity for business in 2015. Prosperity Coaching for Business is now an advisory course available to any small business owner or entrepreneur. This is a separate stand-alone course although it incorporates the basics presented in the Discover Your Prosperity Online course.

Prosperity is like water, and it flows on the path of least resistance. When water is channeled properly it becomes productive. There is an unlimited amount of money out there available to you if you know how to attract it, allow it in, and channel it correctly in your business. Prosperity Coaching for Business shows you how to do just that!



There are 4 basic principles of prosperity presented by Hugo.

  • Doing what you love creates revenue
  • Your mindset determines your prosperity.
  • The Importance of the correct business type (sole proprietorship, LLC, S Corp etc.)
  • The right accounting system to channel the flow of money

Learn how money is drawn into your business and how your fortunes will change by adopting a new mindset and attitude towards financial success

The principles are explained in detail by Hugo. The course takes place with private coaching calls, and interactive worksheets detailing the principles and instructions on how to “get your business in order” so that your prosperity can grow.


  • Are you compatible with your chosen work and business?
  • You have created your current circumstance and now can change it!
  • Earn with your attitude not your action.
  • How to attract new clients and customers.
  • Set the tone for your day. Get out ahead of it.
  • Business organization. Which is right for your business now?
  • How is your business taxed?
  • How you can reduce your taxes now.
  • Accounting systems – the irrigation system for the flow of your business prosperity.
  • The importance of balance in your business and personal life.
  • Consistency principle
  • Much more

Prosperity is money, yes, and so much more!