12 Features of Prosperity Coaching:

Awakening to your purpose –You were born with a purpose and that is to be free, to grow and evolve, and to have fun! Prosperity Coaching will help you find your purpose.

Understanding Prosperity Consciousness –Prosperity is not just the money, it’s a state of being or mindset that you discover is already there. Through Hugo’s Discover Your Prosperity course you’ll come to this understanding.

Creating a new Mindset –Prosperity Coaching will show you how to create new beliefs and develop the daily practice of an attitude of abundance. This is establishing a new mindset.

How you are creating your current reality –The thoughts and beliefs you hold and continually repeat create the reality you experience.  This is the “story” you are telling all day every day.

Taking control of your “story” or energy signal –Prosperity Coaching teaches you how to tell a new and improved financial story and how to feel prosperous ahead of time and have fun along the way. 

Watching your mind –Becoming the watcher or observer of your mind chatter will give you “eyes” and the opportunity to tell an improved financial story 

Being accountable yourself –Taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions will give you the power and accountability to change your life.

Becoming a deliberate creator, and thinking on purpose –Learn how to create your life on purpose, to think and act deliberately while enjoying the process.

New belief patterns. How to Create and Practice –Instead of trying to change your deep-seated beliefs, you’ll create new beliefs that feel good when you think of them, paving the road to a more prosperous life.

Creating and manifesting your dream –Dreaming and imagining the life you want is so important because by dreaming, you are creating what you want ahead of time.

Managing your energy or vibration –Once you understand the universal laws and the consciousness behind them, you’ll learn to manage your energy and frequency which in turn will deliver the manifestation of your dreams. 

Living your vision joyfully as you move forward –You’ll soon be the creator and director of your own screenplay called “My Life” watching with delight and self-appreciation. Walking your path with a big smile